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The TSP Handbook Is a Must!

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A "Welcome" from the Developer Michael Perreault

The TSP Handbook - A Parenting System For Today's Child

Congratulations! Coming soon you'll have a handbook that is going to change your parenting experience for the better. Regardless of what or where you heard about The Three Step Process, you are most likely anxious to get going and to discover for yourself how it can work for YOU


•    If you are one of the countless parents who are discouraged, confused, or overwhelmed

•    If you have found no help with your child’s or teenager's behavioral issues    in "one size fits all" textbook advice

•    If you have spent time, money, and energy in endless appointments and seen little to no genuine change

•    If you are a proactive parent concerned about a developing behavior

•    If you are a “parent-to-be” committed to being the best parent you can be

•    If you simply want to increase the harmony and happiness your family deserves

•    If you are a professional looking for a tool to help support parents etc. deal with task or behavior issues

•    If you are looking to improve a marriage or a relationship



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